Everyone has their own agenda, priorities and social behaviour – therefore we need clear objectives from the beginning. Here are some of the event objectives which typically fall into one or more of these categories

(source: http://www.ruthstevens.com/articles/measuring-the-roi-of-your-event/)
  • Achieve an ROI
  • Build awareness
  • Close sales, sign contracts or generate prospects
  • Conduct market research
  • Enter a new market
  • Generate qualified sales leads
  • Influence the press or financial community
  • Introduce a new product
  • Recruit, educate, or motivate distribution partners
  • Recruit, educate, or motivate new employees
  • Retain current customers, penetrate current accounts
  • Support your industry or community

Doing great events is a great challenge and a very important task towards clients, suppliers, partners etc. The return of event (return of investment) and the framework in which we operate is therefore extremely important. You can of cause measure the overall satisfaction of the event by sending out a survey or using an event app during and after the event for feedback.  Much harder is the brand awareness which comes in different shapes and forms. First of all the social media share, PR mentions, Word of mouth (WOM) is hard to value in terms of actual money terms but nevertheless important for the event to be successful. Valuable KPI’s should be a part of the framework by measuring sales, new leads and existing business relationship loyalty.

Our focus is creating value for our clients through remarkable experiences. We value mutual honesty, trust and integrity. Transparent communication and demanding preparation has been key to our success.

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