Are meetings always effective?

Only a small percentage of most meetings are effective. Many people spent their working hours in meetings; approx. 7,2 hours a week. And on top you have the preparation and after-treatment of the meetings, which is everything from 1/2 hour up to 8 hours or more…”time is money or”. The people sitting in most meetings are the top management and the middle management with over 10 meetings per week or more and that’s a lot of hours especially when they have the highest earnings in a company, but most would argue it goes with the job. And of cause it would mostly be problem-solving or solution based meetings. Many people do not even think that the meetings outcome is reasonable compared to the resources used on the meetings…and most people do agree that the productivity could be raised if you reduced the meeting activities. (source: YouGov & Lederne 2015)

What about your meeting culture ? Does your company have clear meeting guidelines and does the meetings have the ability to create, communicate, decide and motivate? First of all get an overview over the resources spent on effective versus in-effective meetings. What’s the purpose of the meeting and set a framework. Do you have an effective meeting leader who can cut through the noise when needed, who can create meaning and a sense of team spirit?

Here is a list of things to start with when creating an effective meeting culture;

  • Get the best meeting leader
  • Agenda for the meeting
  • A tight meeting management timeline
  • Meeting discipline  – do not be late
  • Prepare before the meeting
  • Better follow-up
  • Be good at summarizing and getting to the conclusion


Estimate the cost of meetings with the cost calculator from Harvard Business Review:

More information:



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